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What comes to mind when you contemplate on “ Nurture “?

A mother caring for her child.
Putting oil in the engine of your car and checking the tyres.
Dead heading the roses in the garden and cutting the lawn.
A father helping his child tie their shoe laces.
Keeping the lines of communication open with your family members or work colleagues.
And I imagine so so many more ways
you are individually called to nurture in many areas of your life.

There will be times when you feel on top of the world full of positive energy and joyfully nurturing your family your career your relationships life is good!
Then there are times I’m sure when you maybe called to help someone or something and irritation anger or despair is your reply.

These are all signs that you are “running on empty” that you are not able to give as you have forgotten to refuel yourself or in need of “ filling your own cup”
It’s so easy for this to happen. It happens to us all!
Something I learned the hard way!!

There is a flow to life the giving the receiving and in order for you to be able to give and nurture all those aspects of your life you must first nurture yourself in all your glorious totality- Body,  Mind Soul and Spirit!

So what does nurturing your BODY look like:

Healthy balanced whole food diet, good hydration- 2 litres of water a day, exercise – walk, dance, gym, run, swim, row, martial arts, yoga…. move your body regularly in anyway that brings you joy!


Meditation- relaxation and calming of the mind, awareness of the negative thought patterns and clear them,  let go of the mind games


Your Soul is the mediator between your Spirit and your Physical Body. Are you listening to and nurturing your Soul? Connect with your soul through meditation . The Sanctuary Meditation technique is a nurturing way to do this!


You are an eternal spiritual galactic being ! This higher divine aspect of yourself desires increasing expression in your physical life! Imagine your life if you were living from your divinity!

The Life Activation session reconnects you to your divine blueprint and this begins the gentle unfolding of you in all your glorious totality!

Then the Empower Thyself Class and Initiation puts you back in the positive flow of God the universe and nature and gives you tools to daily nurture your body mind soul and spirit! Giving you increasing divine   connection , protection and support in all areas of your life! This is just the start of fully nurturing yourself in all your glorious totality there is more !

For the desire to Progress and move forward in life comes from your Spirit. If you are feeling stuck experiencing disappointment, anger dissatisfaction resentment with yourself or some area of your life look at where you are not nurturing yourself. Gently bring your awareness to your body, mind,, soul and spirit. Are you listening to are you Progressing in Life?

There is a way. There is a complete system of healing  and  teaching through Activations and Initiations that can support you in living your life true to you in all your glorious totality!

The key is to listen to and Nurture all aspects of your being !



Healer, Teacher and Guide with the Modern Mystery School.




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