Live From Joy in 2018!

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Happy New Year to you all!

I so hope you’re Year has got off to an amazing start!

If it hasn’t then I can assure that what I am about to share with you will make a huge positive difference if you take action!

if you’re doing fine then once again please give these suggestions a go as there’s always room for improvement!

The first thing I would like you to contemplate and check in on with yourself is what is it that brings you JOY?

For me it’s a lovely cup of green tea served in a beautiful China cup! A walk on the beach or in a forest, dancing and babies are a few things that bring me JOY!

Make a list of those things that bring  YOU JOY!

Start your day with and include as many as you can of those things that give you JOY!

This will flip your focus to living from JOY!

Take time to contemplate on JOY and keep adding to your list!

Yes we all have those everyday sometimes annoying or worrying things to deal with so when you catch yourself overwhelmed or stressed look at your list and do something that brings you JOY!

YOU have the power to create and change your energy your being simply by using this one transformative key!

Now if you want to further amp up and increase your JOY levels then the next key is to share your JOY with others!

Create opportunities to share what brings you JOY with others! For me after I have shared Max Meditation TM or Life ActivationI like to serve a lovely cup of Green Tea out of a China Tea pot!

I invite you to have a go at these 2 keys and please do share with me how it transforms your life!

Live from JOY!




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