Is your Soul calling?

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Whispers from your Soul.
by Annie Riley

Many people are experiencing signs of awakening or reconnection to that quiet voice within that desires increasing expression in our physical world! Is your Soul calling you?

When I became aware of this I experienced overwhelm as I was truly not listening to and didn’t know how to proceed! I felt lost, stuck, depressed completely not on track with my Soul purpose!

I tried many things: I changed my diet, stopped drinking alcohol, did Yoga, had therapy…. nothing worked long term. I’d feel good and then slip back down again.

It wasn’t until I had a session with a Guide in the Modern Mystery School that I got my “spark” back. The lights got switched back on again in my world! A whole new world of possibilities and opportunities came to me! I had Hope reignited within me!

I was back on track connected to and listening to my Soul and with this connection came so much joy and and a feeling of being supported and guided! With this connection came an increasing desire to share what had worked for me with YOU!

Each and everyone of you has something so wonderful to share with humanity and is greatly needed on this planet! Is your Soul calling you to get back on track to remember your purpose to find your JOY and to share this with humanity?

Perhaps you are being called to step up and serve humanity in this process! So many are struggling with finding their reason to be- what it is they’re meant to be doing. Perhaps you re being called to assist in this process of awakening to living increasingly from divinity. To first lighting up your life and then becoming a Beacon of Light for others!

For this is how we create a world of Peace! When everyone is reconnected to their divinity and embodying and living their purpose!

Are you being called?

Imagine that world we call it “ Shamballah “ a world where everyone is spiritually awake and listening to the Whispers of their soul living a life of purpose passion and JOY!

Are you ready to listen to the whispers of your Soul? Are you being called to step up and Be a Beacon of Light for others? It would be an honour to Guide YOU!

Annie- Healer Teacher and Guide with The Modern Mystery School💗



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