Full Moon Dance

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We are so connected to the Moon the Stars the Galaxies to each other…

In 2011 I unknowingly began a journey of connection.

A journey diving into the mysteries of myself the planet , dimensions, the universe.

A wonderful expansive journey of discovery exploring the interconnectedness of ALL

You see I was struggling at living life as it was and had asked the question

“Surely there must be more?”

I was seeking a deeper meaning to life
I was seeking connection….

Imagine my joy when I found the Modern Mystery School!

A school with its sacred lineage spanning 8000 years

A school that provides a complete system of healing teachings initiations that provide you with the way to connect to all aspects of your being to connect to the moon the stars the universe to each other in an ever increasing magickal way!

My soul was DANCING!

A school dedicated to nurturing and guiding you to find your purpose your answers.

A school dedicated to creating Shamballah a new world of Peace Love and Harmony….

This is the deeper meaning to life I was seeking and I believe we are all seeking….

I am eternally grateful to Founder Gudni Gudnason of the Modern Mystery School and to all the beautiful reminders that continue to empower me on my journey on our shared mission of creating Shamballah….

And so tonight I invite you…

To connect to the light of the moon
To dance under the light of the moon
To release under the light of the moon
To manifest under the light of the moon

For we are so connected to the moon the stars the galaxies to each other…

Find out about the Lunar Eclipse here from Aleksandra Ceho astrologer for the MMS





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