Mini Me Yoga Ambassador Training

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January 4, 2014 – January 5, 2014 all-day
Ria School
Annie Riley

The Mini Me Yoga Ambassador Program gives yoga instructors, child educators and parents the opportunity to be trained to deliver the Mini Me Yoga 2-hour Workshop and licensed to sell Mini Me Yoga products.

Our mission is to bring JOY into children’s lives. The more people we have helping us do that, the better. We want others to join us, have fun and why not make some money, while they’re at it?

Our yoga teachers have seen:

  • Class size increase, as more parents understand the benefits of Kids Yoga
  • More classes in other schools/fitness centers/communities as more adults find out about these amazing results
  • Incomes have at least doubled by putting on workshops throughout the community
  • Networks have expanded, thus getting more private work
  • Opportunities have grown through being an official Mini Me Yoga product seller, through school fairs, kid’s parties, yoga studios all asking to have the products displayed.

The 1 day Ambassador Training Program provides:

  • Facilitator’s manual for the Mini Me Yoga 2-hour Workshop
  • Training in how to market and deliver the workshop in your area
  • 15 sets of Mini Me Magick Yoga Cards ($225 value)
  • Access to the Mini Me Yoga Village with free downloadable marketing flyers, pull-up banners, posters, price lists and business cards, plus connections to other Ambassadors around the globe to share ideas and collaborate together.



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