Max Meditation Full Moon Meditation

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June 24, 2021 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

You’re welcome to join me each month for a Full Moon Meditation!
Its a well known fact that Full Moons are great influencers of tides and water levels all over the planet. We are also made up of 70% + of water and so we are also influenced by the Full Moon. We are especially influenced by the Full Moon, 3 days before, when its Full and for 3 days after. Thats a whole week where you may feel not quite right or that things happen unexpectedly!!
However with an awareness of this and an awareness of the particular characteristics
of the Moon, you are better able to understand,
nurture yourself and harness the energy of the Moon to best support you for the upcoming month!
Join me each month to connect to the particular flavour of the moon to release and manifest your hearts desires , supporting you in the upcoming month!!

And so tonight I invite you…

To connect to the light of the moon
To dance under the light of the moon
To release under the light of the moon
To manifest under the light of the moon

For we are so connected to the moon the stars the galaxies to each other…



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