Conversations with my Higher in Self!

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I remember when I first began to consciously connect to my Higher Self, or God self.

I was living in Bahrain and had just completed Empower Thyself my first Initiation and class with The Modern Mystery School. It was pivotal point of my life. I had been struggling with anxiety and depression, triggered by grief. I had tried many different ways to get out of this state, I didn’t want to be like this.

It wasn’t until I received the Life Activation session, quickly followed by the Empower Thyself Class and Initiation that I was truly able to move forward. Something had forever changed within me. I couldn’t explain it, it was a feeling, an inner knowing. I felt guided, supported , protected and connected.

One of the techniques I learned in Empower Thyself was The Sanctuary Meditation practice. A meditation technique that teaches you how to connect to and receive guidance and support with your Higher Self.
Your Higher Self or God self is all knowing, so powerful and wants only the best for you!

Now to begin with I didn’t receive direct messages or visualisations. I saw colours and there was a wonderful warm feeling! It felt so good!

I began using this meditation technique daily. I began to get words. As I continued to connect so I began to receive sentences and pictures. Soon I was having conversations with my Higher Self!
I would ask for guidance with situations in my life and my Higher Self would give me suggestions!
Sometimes I would listen and sometimes not!!

I gradually began to trust and listen more and more.

One time I was in Toronto in Canada with my friend and fellow Guide Kate. Each morning I would wake up and do my Sanctuary Meditation and connect with my Higher Self.

One morning my Higher Self told me I was going to meet a man called John. This was one of those conversations I didn’t really pay very much attention to. The next day Kate and I were going to visit Niagara Falls. We are picked up in a big jeep. There was a driver and one other man already in the jeep. I asked the driver his name “ Raj” I asked the other man his name “ John” oh I thought, that was the name of the man my Higher Self said I was going to meet…. but hey there’s plenty of men named John in the world and once again I discarded it.

About 1 hour into the journey,
Kate, who I thought was sleeping suddenly opened her eyes and exclaimed “ I’m getting all this information through about you and this guy John” she said pointing at the John in front of us. She had been meditating!

I realised then that this was the John that my Higher Self had been telling me about in my Sanctuary. He began talking to Kate and myself and joined us walking around the falls. I was a bit flustered! Poor guy didn’t know anything about our “ inner knowledge “ on him!
Anyway to cut a long story short… John was also from England, we began talking had a date and reconnected when we were back in the UK and so began a 4 year relationship, out of which I learned to nurture myself my home my environment, more. Such was the gift of this relationship.

I continue to connect to my Higher Self daily. I now trust, listen and follow the guidance I receive. Not always without question!!
As sometimes I ask for something and the advice I receive does not always make sense to me , the physical human me!!

However I am reminded that my Higher Self is all knowing and not only able to see the bigger picture but also only has my best interest at heart!!
It has taken me time, I have resisted, I have tested and now I have surrendered!

I am eternally grateful for this Sanctuary Meditation technique, for this connection with my Higher Self and for all of the transformational teachings and tools of empowerment I have received from my training with The Modern Mystery School.
It is such an honour now to share these with you!

Guide Healer and Teacher with The Modern Mystery School.



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