The Christmas Season is upon us and yes this is a time of giving of celebration a time of sharing a time of JOY!
I remember in my not too distant past how I used to get really caught up in and thoroughly enjoy the festivities of this time !
The parties the shopping the fairs the shopping the decorating of the house the shopping the entertaining the shopping the Christmas plays the shopping….
It was a pattern that repeated itself each year and I remember how depleted I felt by the time Christmas Day finally arrived yet the following year off I would go once again repeating this same scenario.
Then during the year of 2011 I was not able to sustain this way of being any further.
I was lost anxious depressed desperately searching for a new way or a real way of being true to me.
So i explored different ways of eating exercising I had therapy nothing worked until I received a Life Activation session and Empower Thyself Initiation!
I got my spark back the lights got switched back on in my world!
My awareness shifted and gradually using this expanded way of being and the tools of Empowerment I had clarity and was able to let go of being the entertainer the pleaser.

I am now increasingly able to speak my truth and discern which activities to attend instead of all of them.
I am increasingly able to establish healthy boundaries with shopping and spending money on presents.
The result being I am no longer caught up in the maelstrom of the Christmas season and able to really ENJOY spending time and sharing with those that I really want to!
So my Christmas message for you this season of giving forget not to GIFT to yourself!
Honour yourself and experience Christmas on your terms!
As you honour and respect yourself so will those around you!
Increasingly “Be the change you wish to see in the world” at this time and at all times!
Wishing you joyful seasonal Christmas wishes!