drugrecoveryDrugs, alcohol and illicit substances have a massive effect not only on the body, but also the mind, soul, spirit and all energetic structures, seen and unseen.

This healing series consists of spiritual and energy healing combined with holistic techniques, and will support the treatment of someone recovering from drug or substance abuse and addiction.

These sessions include:

  • Releasing the hooks that are not part of your conscious mind or present reality
  • Getting to the root cause that triggers addictive behaviour
  • Healing emotional wounds that are perpetuating the cycle of addition
  • Repairing the damage that the drugs caused, and treating the cause of addiction
  • Reconstructing energy systems, including the Auric structure, chakra system, and the etheric body
  • Mental, emotional and spiritual guidance and support


Do you need assistance in overcoming addiction and breaking the cycles of your past?

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Spiritual Detox