Your DNA holds the blueprint for your spirit since creation. Depending on your key focus areas, we can source all kinds of information to help you answer your key questions including your life purpose, how your mind works, your relationship contracts, your spiritual lineage and where you come from.


Information about our life purpose provides a guiding life influence answering many questions and a number of pieces ‘we have not quite been able to put together’.


These readings will empower you with the knowledge of who you are and who you are becoming. It is all recorded in the 11th Codon of the DNA. You will receive the information of what you are here to do, what your challenges are and much, much more; giving you access to the great wisdom and empowerment that is your birthright.


Life Purpose Reading can include the following depending on your core questions:

  • Life Purpose
  • Relationship Contracts – mates, babies, etc.
  • Specific information on when and how to fulfill your purpose / contracts
  • Origin of your Spirit (where it originates from)
  • Experience of creation of this earth (your role in the creation of this
  • physical earth, as well as the collective experience of creation)
  • Preparation for this incarnation – both on and off planet
  • Spirit level initiations you received to prepare you
  • Past life (emanation) information & initiations your Spirit received
  • Link with Parents and gifts / stumbling blocks from your ancestral line
  • Your mind – how it works and what its key gift is


I will focus on your key questions and help you to weave together the puzzle of YOU with the information that comes through so you can gain clarity and direction for your journey here on Earth. It is very helpful when pieces that don’t quite make sense begin to fit together!


There is so much information to access and so much about who you really are, that only the most important information you require is accessed in one session. You will receive enough to work with, but you can receive more and more information in any subsequent readings you may receive as you have walked further down your path!