LightKing Salomon was one of the most famous kings in history. His reign was between 970 – 928 BCE and he achieved so much during that time. After studying in Tibet, India, and Persia for many years he returned home to build his magnificent temple and gathered from around the world 300,000 head shamans, prophets, oracles, healers, medicine people and alchemists to work with him. They worked together for decades combining their tools, talents, and traditions and developed many Hermetic and Alchemical arts and knowledge, creating healing techniques that would withstand the course of time and be accepted by all people regardless of race, religion, or beliefs.

The Modern Mystery School has maintained and used these methods throughout the ages, handing them down in the oral tradition from teacher to student. The ancient healing modalities are now available to all who seek them as part of the King Salomon Healing Modality. This series of powerful healings was utilized to empower the high priests and priestesses.

With King Salomon’s Healing Modality we return to our natural state and true self.

Benefits include:

  • Increases greater spiritual and physical awareness
  • Promotes self-confidence & inner strength
  • Increased mental and physical acuity
  • Accelerated spiritual & personal evolution
  • Increased understanding and mental capacity
  • Physical, mental, and emotional healing
  • Greater connection to the spiritual and the Divine
  • Increased emotional and physical stability
  • Heightened physical energy & vitality
  • Expanded capabilities to flow more energy
  • Realignment of your natural energy systems

King SalomonKing Salomon studied healing in Tibet for over 25 years. He combined many Eastern rituals with Hebraic teachings to form this powerful healing modality. These rituals have been passed down through the Modern Mystery School via the oral tradition from one teacher to the next. This ancient, most powerful healing modality works on a different aspect of the whole. A Life Activation and Emotional Cord Cutting are included with every session of the physical regions portion of the series.

This is a very sacred and holy time for the client to receive—a very special gift! The King Salomon Healing Modality works to heal the separation that has occurred between the physical body, the soul body and spirit in humans. These modalities are very sacred and powerful. They sanctify us and bring us more fully into the presence of God—each one in a slightly different way, each working with and building upon the others.

Imagine how happy and easier life would be if all of our affairs flowed smoothly. Things that once bothered us no longer do. The troubles of life are simply something to be dealt with, and the right choices are easy. We are mentally strong and emotionally secure. We are with self-confidence and self assurance and alive with purpose and direction in our life. This sacred modality changes the lives of those who receive it. Most experience feeling unburdened, a lightness, and a strong sense of well-being–free from mental and emotional entanglements and being enmeshed in the trivia of daily affairs. Most experience greater happiness, joy, self-confidence, self assurance, feel mentally and emotionally strong, as well as a greater connection to the spiritual and the divine. The King Salomon Healing Modality brings about profound spiritual evolution and personal transformation unlike anything you have experienced before.

It has changed the lives of thousands of people. It is powerful and capable of accomplishing in 11 sessions what takes years to achieve with other types of healing modalities, therapies or counseling, or light work.

By re-establishing the natural flow of Universal Energy and the instinctive intelligence through your being your natural energy systems are vitalized and stabilized allowing healing and transformation to occur.

The King Salomon’s Healing Modality is done in two different parts: the physical region and the mind region. It is recommended that potential clients of this modality receive the physical region portion first. This helps build a powerful foundation for the mind regions portion, facilitating the optimum healing and growth possible.


The Tree of Life Healing – The ten spheres in the Tree of Life, representing ten different aspects of God (like wisdom, understanding, mercy, severity, beauty…) are illuminated, balanced, and healed using a Tibetan bell.

The Seal of Salomon Healing – King Salomon’s favorite modality, this healing technique uses sacred stones, healing symbols, and the extremely potent energy of the Seal of Salomon to align and balance the body in accordance with the seven directions. This session works to heal the relationship between the physical body and the soul.

Tone Healing – Several of the 72 sacred names of God are toned into the very core of the client’s being. This modality harmonizes your chakras with the universal vibration of Life.

Aura Healing – Areas in the aura where energy from past or current traumatic experiences that have diminished or blocked the light are located, filled with light, and healed. This brings a greater sense of freedom and vitality.

Purification by Light Healing – This modality removes foreign energies that may have be embedded with the etheric field, causing undue emotional pain and difficulty to function optimally.

Etheric Body Healing – The seven bodies from your physical phases of growth are healed, ranging from the infant to the teenage to the etheric body.

Mental Body Healing – Thirteen sacred aromatic oils are used to awaken the brain and bring peace of mind.

Starseed Healing – Reorganizes the positive vibrations surrounding the human body that are lost on a daily basis. This distinctive healing utilizes crystals, chimes, and a tuning fork to cleanse and harmonize your body’s energetic system.

  • Clears your mind clutter
  • Adjusts and balances your chakras and auric layers of energy
  • Connects you with all living things
  • Is especially beneficial for those who have been experiencing emotional release work

Unified Chakra Awakening – Activates a chakra system of 2,418 points. It connects and unifies all the energies of the light body with the physical body, providing you with a deeper connection to your spiritual essence. This healing will bring you to a peaceful state of mind as it fights apathy, and awakens your soul and nervous system.

  • Increase your spiritual awareness
  • Bring about a peaceful state of mind
  • Address apathy and low energy
  • Awaken your soul and nervous system
  • Increase the amount of light in your body

The King Salomon Healing Modality series consists of 11 sessions: 2 Galactic Healings, 7 King Salomon Healings, 1 review session where a session may be repeated, followed by Etheric Reconstruction Celestial Code. Each of these sessions also includes an Emotional Cord Cutting and a Life Activation / Light Infusion.