The Full Spirit Activation has recently been reintroduced from the deep well of ancient knowledge and advanced techniques for accelerating our next evolutionary step.

It follows the Life Activation and takes that to a whole new level byawakening key regions of the brain that work with our psychic abilities and enhance the neurological system of the body. It is very sacred and holy and has been used to initiate high lamas of Tibet!

The Full Spirit Activation awakens the soul so that you become more balanced, aware, awake, alive, and appreciative of the physical existence. This will help you to connect more fully with your Spirit essence so that you can rise above your personality and express your True Self in the world.

It leads to a more integrated thought process and unblocks channels of awareness in the mind-body-soul interface. Activating this awareness will help you overcome apathy and doubt, reclaim self-worth, feel more Alive, and become filled with a sense of Joy. Miracles will begin to happen in your life after this activation.



Helps you live each moment from completely fresh eyes

If you have this, it will affect everyone you interact with in a positive way


The Full Spirit Activation will help you flow smoothly through the rapid changes of today with greater ease, balance, and awareness of the options before you. It strengthens the connection to the Great Central Sun – assisting people to connect to their true divinity.

·   Enhance your awareness, creativity, intuition, memory, and foresight about the future.

·      Make better decisions about every day life.

·      Respond to new situations and challenges with more clarity and confidence.

·      Tap in to a more expanded awareness and clearer vision of life.

·      Feel “high on life”, filled with a sense of joy and enthusiasm.

·      See more possibilities of what you can be and do.

·      Access states of Quantum Consciousness to live in the Now and see life from a new perspective.

·      Enhance your senses and ability to perceive subtle energies.

·      Awaken to the new paradigm that we are evolving into.

·      Instantly release unresolved emotions and attachments from the past.

·      Have a greater sense of ease walking through the world and adjusting to new energies.

·      More easily relax and access meditative states.

·      Achieve greater balance of mind and heart.

·      Feel more connected to Spirit and at-one with all things around you.