Etheric Reconstruction

The Etheric Reconstruction is performed within your most sacred area – the Celestial Code Region. This is where core issues that you created in your formative years are stored. These core issues start when you are developing your relationship to God before the age of 7 and when you experience situations that in the child’s mind are confusing and negative, these experiences undermine your belief in God and the belief in yourself. Starting to put light into these core wounds, starts the healing process for you to gain freedom in your life from all the other negative beliefs you have created as a result of these initial beliefs. Removing core issues also heals those wounds that have manifested physically in your body as illnesses. Approximately 90% of all physical illnesses come directly from the negative energies held in the etheric field! Removing these negative energies allows you to move forward in life with fewer repeats of old patterns as well as with a healthier physical body.


Additionally, once we have released a negative belief or trauma, we release those into the Celestial Code Region. This session is excellent for those that have done a lot of personal healing work as this area is often choc-a-block with released emotional debris that can reach a point where it stops your progression forward. It can be likened to the analogy of having taken the garbage out but not having had a garbage truck collect the garbage! These old released energies need to be released once and for all! When we start to repeat patters WE KNOW we have released, or are feeling ‘FULL’, we know it is time for a Celestial Code Etheric Reconstruction Session!


This modality is normally performed once you have undergone other modalities (eg a Life Activation). A few sessions may be required to remove the core issues, and repeat sessions can be scheduled up to 3 months apart. The session uses Sacred Geometry to restore the balance in the etheric once the reconstruction has been performed.


This modality is actually the 11th session of the King Salomon Healing Modality which clears released energies completely from the etheric field.