If you look across many different faiths, philosophies, ideologies, and religions, you might find a surprising fact: they all share a common thread of having a “source” from which all things have their beginning. This original source is Ensof.

A great way to understand Ensof (which means “No Thing” or “All Things”) is to think of an unlimited Light that was the beginning of everything. For example, in the Christian Bible, in Genesis, God said, “Let there be Light, and there was Light.” The Light that is referenced is the Ensofic Ray, and the God that created it was Ensof.

What is the Ensophic Ray?

The Ensofic Ray is the first ray of Creation. It is the original Light in the beginning that illuminated all things that were formless and as yet unseen. It is the Light of Life, the Breath of God, and the ultimate healing power and energy found throughout the entire Universe. It is the sheer scope of its power that enables the Ensofic Ray Healing Modality to treat and transform so many different aspects of us: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically.

What does the healing do?

Considering that the Ensofic Ray is the first Light of Creation, and comes directly from Source, one could only marvel at the pure power and possibilities that it contains. This healing, revolutionary in it’s own right, is an incredible tool for transformation and healing on the three aspects of ourselves that make us human: the physical body, Soul body, and Spirit Body.

The Ensofic Ray Healing works by healing every part of us. It facilitates clearing out any negative energy – removing all stagnancy and “darkness” – as well as restructuring our energetic and etheric fields to increase flow of energy and purify us. It reconnects us to the very Source of Light which is called in during the sessions, and literally gives us a new path to walk along.

How does the healing work?

The healing is done over a series of three sessions (each one done roughly 3-5 days apart). The first session is designed to work on the physical body specifically. During this session, any ailments or chronic conditions are directly addressed, as well as any physical conditions that stem from psychological causes. This helps us to open the channels in the body and progressively removes pain and helps to break bad habits that may have been formed at any point in our lives.

The second and third sessions works with the Soul body and the Spirit body. During these sessions the 12 Rays of Creation, which combined form the Ensofic Ray, are brought down and hooked onto the client. They are then locked into place and the energies of these Rays begin flowing in and transforming the client energetically, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This transformation results in some of the most profound differences we’ve ever seen. The sense of well-being, as well as increased physical health and emotional stability, are truly incredible.

The 12 Rays themselves bring in specific aspects and energies. Some of these include:

  • Transformation and healing of the energetic systems
  • Transmutation of negativity and the negative ego
  • An infusion of pure passion and joy
  • Increased physical and energetic intuition
  • Pure physical healing for any condition
  • Increased capacity for romance
  • Increased capability to re-create yourself
  • True mental and spiritual clarity
  • Increased self-confidence and hope
  • Removal of bad habits and thoughts
  • Healing for traumatic experiences
  • Stepping stone for a new beginning in life

For more information on this incredible healing, or to schedule your sessions today, please be sure to contact us. We recommend that everyone receive this healing. Note that due to the nature of this particular modality, and the amount of energy the client receives, you may receive this particular service only once every 2-3 months.

“When Annie started  the Ensofic Ray  treatment on me, the energy felt like nothing I’d ever experienced before in my 12 years of healing work.  It was very strong and I could feel it pushing through knotted muscles in my neck and then once the block was released it flowed all over my body and surrounded me like a bath of light.  I felt incredibly relaxed afterwards and I can  still feel the treatment working in me, helping me to let go of outdated patterns and behaviours.” ~ Alexandra Swann