Negative Energy Removal

There are many energies at play in the world around us. Often we encounter some we do not understand, or dabble in things that create a negative flow in our lives without our direct knowledge.

If you feel that negative energy is being directed to you or your family lineage, we can remove the energy itself, and any cords connected to you. The negativity is then transmuted and cannot reconnect to you!

It’s important to remember that thoughts are things, and your thoughts and those from the people around you can affect your life, for better or worse. A “negative” effect can be as little as intentional negative thoughts directed towards you by another person, such as someone swearing as you during rush hour traffic, to as much as an outright psychic attack.

In this simple yet effective process, all negative energies are reversed, cleared, and sent back to where they came from. It removes psychic and mental blocks, helping you feel more centered, at ease, and in control of your own life. Once you have been cleared of such negative influences you may once again experience the splendors of life.

Clearing away the interference from other people’s negative thoughts and projections towards us is appropriate for anyone, and is something we recommend everyone to consider receiving on a periodic basis. In some cases additional work is required, such as a cord cutting or etheric surgery.

Emotional Cord Cutting

Whenever we experience a situation in which we have an emotional response, a cord can form. These cords form energetic links between you and another person or situation; they allow your energy to flow from you to something else. Although some cords with children and spouses are appropriate, most of the cords we have are unhealthy and create an unbalanced co-dependency with other people.

These negative cords can form when we have traumatic experiences, or from a sense of betrayal, guilt, blame, anger, depression, or attachment of any kind. In fact, because of its intimacy and intensity, sexual interaction itself – even a deep kiss – results in being corded for seven years.

When a cord has formed between two people, energy flows from you even if you are no longer in the other person’s life or within physical proximity. If negative emotional patterns are associated with that relationship, person, or experience, your energy and life force can become drained and depleted, keeping you stuck in the patterns of your past.

Once your cords are cut through this process, you are free to reconnect with those who are important to you! As a result, you can establish your current relationships on a new and healthier level, with new energy and focus.