An interview with Gudni Gudnason

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gudnigudnasonAll of the Mystery School classes and healing modalities offered through All About Alchemy come from the lineage of King Salomon. Annie Riley has trained extensively with the Modern Mystery School to bring you the most cutting edge healings and training available on the planet.

But what is the Salomon lineage? Where did the Modern Mystery School come from? And what is its purpose on the planet?

All of these questions and more are answered in this interview with Gudni Gudnason. Gudni is the founder of the Modern Mystery School and the lineage holder for the Salomon lineage. In this interview by Orly Bar-Kima for her Practical Inspiration show, he talks about how he got started on this path, the history of the Salomon lineage and the origin of the Modern Mystery School. He also shares core Mystery School teachings and talks about how studying the Kabbalah  can revolutionize your life.

Watch the interview here:

Practical Inspiration

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