Mini Me Yoga provides yoga and positive thinking products for children and families across the globe. Our mission is to bring JOY into children’s lives.

Studies have found that teaching yoga to children helps them learn how to release stress, retain more information, and increase confidence and happiness, among other benefits. Positive thinking techniques increase a child’s awareness of the power of their own thoughts and give them access to being the author of their own life.

To support our mission, we have developed a 2-hour workshop for parents, teachers and childcare providers to teach them what kid’s yoga and positive thinking are all about. Participants in the Mini Me Yoga 2-Hour Workshop walk away with a 15-minutes-a -day routine they can start using right away in the classroom or the home.

The range of Mini Me Yoga positive thinking products are designed to help keep things fun and interactive for kids, while at the same time bringing in and harnessing positive energy.

Our Ambassador and Business Manger programs allow us to partner with people around the world to bring the workshop and products to more parents, teachers and children, thus expanding our reach and increasing the JOY.

For more info, visit the Mini Me Yoga website.

Positive Children